& overtrained

It all started with Martin, the founder of VIITA Watches. Since childhood he was an enthusiastic sportsman. At the age of 23 Martin finally tried his hand at professional sports.

As a decathlete with the ambition to get the most out of his training, he quickly slipped into overtraining. He promptly got the bill for it: chronic muscle hardening. Martin had to give up his sports career as a result.


From fever measurement to HRV analysis

Martin had to struggle with this serious sporting setback for a long time, because sport was everything to him. By chance Martin met the renowned sports scientist and former Olympic base manager Bernhard Schimpl. "Why can't physical performance be measured as easily as weight or fever," was Martin's question to him. Bernhard's answer was surprising: "Overtraining, stress and regeneration are measurable!

The idea was born

"This technology will revolutionize the sport," was Martin's first thought. He wanted to make HRV measurements accessible to the general public. But not in the same form and size as before. It should be portable, easy to use and understandable for everyone. Martin started to develop the prototypes.
The first devices were still quite clumsy, the evaluation via Bluetooth and a notebook already worked perfectly. Fortunately, at that time, Bluetooth-capable smartphones became more and more common, which were supposed to take over the display and calculation of the measurement results. So finally the appropriate app could be developed.

Innovation Award

Only two years later, this invention was revolutionized by a handy, small Vital Monitor belt. It was ready for series production. The Vitalmonitor V1 conquered the market and was also awarded the Innovation Prize this year.

The Vision

Already at this time Martin was toying with the idea of integrating the technology and know-how of the Vital Monitor into a watch. His vision: to develop a way to determine vital parameters such as stress or regeneration status without the need to take a measurement.
Martin wanted to make HRV measurement possible on the wrist as well. With the technology of the time, however, this was not possible.

The setback at "2 minutes 2 millions"

In the following year the setback. Encouraged by the previous successes, the young team decided to face the investors in the TV show "2 Minutes 2 Millions" (the Austrian version of "Shark Tank"). The investors did not recognize the potential. So Martin and his team went home without investment, but with the urge for something better.

The motivation was greater than ever before!

Martin and his team did not let the previous setbacks get them down. On the contrary: the motivation to further develop their product was greater than ever. In addition, the technology required for a Smartwatch was already mature at that time.

Indiegogo - a complete success

The idea of a Smartwatch, which helps to avoid overtraining and measure stress, immediately convinced more than 1400 people worldwide on Indiegogo. Through constant exchange and feedback from our customers, we were able to consider their wishes and integrate them even before the final design was completed.
Based on millions of already existing measurement data and years of experience, vital signs, stress, regeneration could now be made available on the wrist and revolutionized the market for HRV measurements.

VIITA TITAN HRV - The evolution

During the first customer satisfaction survey after delivery of the VIITA Actives, we realized that the high-quality material in combination with a Smartwatch was one of the most important reasons for buying it. Stainless steel and sapphire crystal - a good combination. But to grow even further in the premium segment, higher quality materials were necessary: titanium, ceramics and sapphire crystal. With this combination and the high-quality design we were able to convince all along the line and win over 600.000€ in the crowdfunding campaign.

State Award for Marketing

The campaign for our VIITA Titan HRV was convincing not only economically but also creatively. The special prize in the "Young Business" category was presented to us in the Vienna "Sofia Halls" by Dr. Matthias Tschürf, Head of Section at the Federal Ministry for Digitalization and Business Location.
2020 and beyond

The Future

Our last customer satisfaction survey made us aware that the topic of "personal data" is playing an increasingly important role. Although we back up the data several times, fully comply with all strict requirements of the basic data protection regulation and naturally do not pass on any data to any third parties, our customers would like to have the option of ensuring that no data leaves their smartphone. We have taken the feedback to heart and are currently developing "The first premium Smartwatch that works without the cloud".