The idea behind the first premium Smartwatch without cloud

The idea behind the first premium Smartwatch without cloud

For us as an Austrian company, data protection naturally plays an important role. During the development of our first Smartwatch, we did our utmost to be perfectly prepared in terms of data protection. The transmission of data is only encrypted, personal data and measurement data are stored in different databases, we only use high-security servers in Germany and yet we still had individual requests for data transmission and not everyone was satisfied that the data would leave their smartphone. But since there were only one or two requests per month we did not pay much attention to this. We have also talked to owners of other Smartwatches to get to know the market better. But most of them did not even know where and how their data was stored – most of them did not care.

A few months later, Bernhard, our CTO enriched our team. Over the next weeks and months, he talked a lot with acquaintances and friends about Smartwatches. In the process, data storage in the cloud emerged as a knock-out criterion. Most of them just didn’t want any data stored in any cloud. When he told us this and we thought about our previous experience, we estimated that less than 5% of our customers would be interested in a cloud-free solution. But we wanted to know that more precisely. So we simply asked our customers. It turned out that 40% of them would opt for a cloud-free solution if there were a choice. Of course, this was a total surprise for us – especially since we also listed the negative sides in the survey (e.g. that all data would be lost if the smartphone broke without a backup).

The next thing we thought about was whether we could implement this with our infrastructure at all. After all, such a function was never planned. So our IT department set up a project and worked intensively on the topic. The good news is that we can do it! And not only for new customers, but also for all buyers of a VIITA Active or VIITA Titan.

We will introduce the function together with the launch of our new VIITA Carbon HRV in November 2020.

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