Bugatti Ceramique Edition One

The Bugatti Ceramique Edition One reflects the unsurpassed precision, craftsmanship and technology synonymous with Bugatti hypercars.

Take a look at this masterpiece

VIITA Watches combine the qualities of traditional watches with the technical possibilities of a smartwatch. Stainless steel or titanium case, sapphire crystal, up to 10 days battery life, 100 meters (10 ATM) water resistant.

Measures your water consumption

Your VIITA automatically calculates the amount of water you need every day and shows you your current consumption.

Measures regeneration and stress

Too much stress - everyone knows this situation. Over shorter periods of time this is unproblematic. However, prolonged stress can lead to a variety of diseases and physical complaints.

Your VIITA shows you your regeneration status and your stress level in real time.

Smart Coaching

To help you get the most out of your training, your VIITA Watch analyzes your body 24/7 and always gives you the ideal training recommendation. Besides the recommendation you can also track your training with the integrated GPS or challenge your own best time in the Challenge Mode!


That's how Smartwatches should look like

Sapphire crystal, stainless steel, 100 meters waterproof, up to 10 days battery life.